• ”I understood that I am a strong woman when I am appreciated by who I am and not by what I do.” And when I go against my emotions instead of doing what I feel at the moment. I must have confidence, peace, security, care and patience.
    The self-help meeting I learned that women were created to complete men and not to become like them. The idea of…[Read more]

  • The main purpose of developing the Christians2 Marriage website is to bless people who are unhappy in love life. If you are discouraged and tired of it all, then that goal is for you. In this purpose, we invite you to use your faith at all costs, in case you really want to be happy in love once and for all. Then you will face God with a thirst…[Read more]

  • "Believe, EVERYTHING is possible for Him who believes". Is written on the book of Mark 9:23. Something very personal and impossible to me happened, because I believed on this words. I'm so happy, because God make happen something great, like many people in my country, specially my own friends wishes what I receive after believe on this promises…[Read more]

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