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Welcome to everyone who visits this website for the first time. This website is designed more accurately for single people who believe in short and long distance relationships. But how to believe in a distance relationship? To believe in a relationship at distance we must use the practicing faith. Even a close relationship without faith is quite difficult, who will say that a distance relationship without faith is almost impossible. But God said, “The impossible for men is possible for God.” Luke 18:27 and also said, “Everything is possible for him who believe.” Mark 9:23 Based on this word of God and in response to the requests of many young people abroad, we have created this website for single people of faith who desire more than ever to be happy in love. Have you ever imagined relating to someone from another country? And use the same faith as you? That is our purpose, to unite men and women of God all over the world from long and short distance relationships through faith in practice. God bless you all.

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We are pleased to announce our new group among the members of our website, for voluntary donations to people with extreme needs, and selected through donation apps. Be you also our next solidarity and be part of our Voluntary Donations Group of Christians2 Marriage

Good news! Thanks to all friends who contributed with their voluntary donations to help the Brazilian Souza Carvalho family, attached bellow. We want to share our satisfaction and thanks to everyone for all efforts to make this dreams to happen for this family, including even those who for somehow were unable to contribute but who understood the meaning of this purpose in making a difference in the lives of families and patients living at the extreme limit of their lives. May God continue to bless us all. s2

Hello everyone! As we mentioned on our website and on our social networks, we are fulfilling yet another solidary action, for this June / 20. We found in the Vakinha / Brazil application (ID 1082979) this little guy called Carlos Eduardo, son of Dona Luana from the city of Tubarão / SC. According to Dona Luana, her son Carlos Eduardo has been doing an eye treatment called chronic blepharitis. See the complete information of this campaign in the application Vakinha ID 1082979. In that case if the boy doesn’t get the treatment he can lose his vision and only when the boy is 18 years old and he can have a cornea transplant, then until he turns 18 he has to make use of strong eye drops to calm the infection, this disease has no cure but has treatment and every month the boy has to be taken to the ophthalmologist and the family has to bear the cost to buy the drops. Due to the black down and quarantine imposed in the country because of the coronavirus pandemic, Dona Luana and her husband lost their jobs and are only living with the emergency aid of R$600.00 offered by the government and the costs with medicines for Carlos Eduardo cost on average R$600.00 as well. And until things return to normal, Dona Luana found herself in the need to appeal and ask for help at least for this month of June through the application of Vakinha / Brazil. If things go back to normal again, she and her husband will be able to go back to work and bear the costs of treatment for their son Carlos Eduardo. Let us all engage in this cause and God bless us all.

Hello everyone! Through the GO FOUND ME donations app we found this family asking for donations and that left us touched by the shocking story that describes this cause. So, the family chosen by our Christians2 Marriage website to receive our voluntary donations for the month of July 2020 is the Chinedu Ekewunife family. Just go to and click on “donate now” and make your donations. You see, God does not care about the figures to be donated, but he sees our generous heart towards others. God said: “In this, everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. “John 13:35. God bless you all. s2

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